5 Myths About Dermal Fillers

5 Myths About Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular anti-aging cosmetic procedures, and they are only becoming more and more popular as there is constant pressure on people to have youthful looking skin. Fillers help to smooth out lines, plump up lips, fill in lost volume and improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Despite the growing popularity of dermal fillers in Ireland, there are still some pretty bad assumptions out there about this treatment. Many people don’t know what it is, how it’s done, what the effects are and what to expect from treatment.

If you are one of these people, then you’ve come to the right place as we are going to go through some myths when it comes to dermal fillers. On that note; these are the biggest myths that surround dermal fillers and the truth that’s behind them:

Myth #1: It will be obvious that you’ve had dermal fillers

We’ve all seen people that look like they’ve got a permanent fright from too much cosmetic surgery, so it’s understandable that people are nervous of this. However, a trusted, professional practitioner will know how much filler you need. This means that it will not be noticeable you’ve had treatment.

Myth #2: The treatments are very painful

While there is obviously a tiny bit of discomfort from the needle, dermal filler treatments are not painful. The needles used are made to be thin and designed to create as little pain as possible. Most filler liquids also contain a mild anesthetic known as ‘lidocaine’. In addition to this, numbing cream can also be applied, which means that other than a slight pinch, you shouldn’t feel much at all.

Myth #3: There is a lot of downtime needed after the procedure

Dermal fillers aren’t called the “lunchtime treatment” for nothing. They are one of the least invasive cosmetic procedures, and it’s very seldom to need any downtime after getting it done. Some people schedule in a few hours off from work after having the procedure, but most people just go right back to their everyday activities with no worries.

Myth #4: The results are irreversible

Many people worry that they won’t like the results of their procedure but will have no way to undo what’s been done. Luckily, most of the dermal fillers used today are completely reversible, and any work can be undone by administering an injection of hyaluronidase to the treatment area. It is also very easy to discontinue treatment if you feel that it is no longer a fit for you. 

Myth #5: Lip fillers will give you a ‘trout pout’

When a lip filler treatment is administered by an experienced, trained professional who understands that less is more, the risk of getting the famous ‘trout pout’ look is eliminated. Work with your chosen practitioner to create a look that will enhance the shape of your lips instead of changing it and you’ll get the results that you want.

If you’re thinking of getting dermal fillers, we hope that this quick guide to some of the most common myths surrounding the subject will have helped you out in some way.

And remember; always do your research when finding a reputable clinic/salon to attend and you will love the results of your treatment.