Dermal Fillers: What are the Benefits?

Dermal Fillers: What are the Benefits?

Younger, fresher, fuller looking skin – that’s what we all dream of. Unfortunately, it’s a dream that slowly fades away as the skin succumbs to the natural ageing process and years of wear and tear. Do you stand back and allow the appearance of your skin to diminish? Or do you fight back to rejuvenate your appearance by tackling fine lines and wrinkles?

A careful diet, lots of sleep and water, giving up smoking, using cell renewal skincare, consuming less alcohol and adequate management of stress will all help you in your quest to slow down the signs of ageing. However, undoing the fine lines, wrinkles and sagging that have already crept in require more advanced methods of treatment such as the use of dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are your best friend when it comes to tackling the signs of ageing to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. If you’re considering trying out this innovative treatment, it’s important to know just what benefits the treatment can bring:


  1. Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles are the result of sunken areas of the skin. Skin creams may somewhat improve the visibility of these signs of ageing but, to eliminate their appearance and observe the most dramatic results, the sunken areas need to be filled – simple as.

    Dermal fillers plump up areas where wrinkles and fine lines are present from underneath. By restoring hyaluronic acid and collagen which were previously lost, dermal fillers help to bring back a smooth, youthful appearance.

  3. Makes You Appear Relaxed and Rested
  4. Having circles and bags under your eyes may lead to consistent questions about your sleeping pattern and comments about how tired you look. Unfortunately, these features are a frequent natural result of ageing but they can also be hereditary. If this is the case then no matter how much sleep you get or how much water you drink, these bags will not go away.

    However, the introduction of dermal fillers means that you can now say goodbye to sagging and bags under the eyes. Fillers bring back the lost volume and plumpness to your skin, smoothing out bags and getting rid of dark circles.

  5. Cheeky Smiles and Definitive Dimples
  6. High cheekbones and dimples are distinctive beautiful facial features. However, their impact can diminish with ageing. The loss of hyaluronic acid leads to a loss in skin elasticity, resulting in, you guessed it – sagging!

    Dermal fillers aren’t just for lines and wrinkles, they are also an effective form of treatment for improving the appearance of sunken or sagging cheeks. The fillers restore the volume in the cheeks, effectively “lifting them up”, filling in hollow areas and redefining dimples and cheekbone structure.

  7. An Instant Transformation
  8. If fine lines, wrinkles, sagging or bags are getting you down, you don’t want to be waiting for months upon months to see an improvement. You want to restore a smooth, youthful, glowing appearance to your skin, and you want to see results instantly.

    Dermal fillers satisfy that specific need by providing immediate results. You can walk into a clinic with signs of ageing and walk out with a rejuvenated glow, so there’s no need to get bogged down about the effects of ageing on your skin.