5 Natural Remedies That Can Be Used To Treat Common Skin Problems

5 Natural Remedies That Can Be Used To Treat Common Skin Problems

Natural remedies have been used for many centuries and are still in use today to treat common illnesses and improve one’s general health and wellness.


Herbs can be used to treat everything from mild stomach problems to cancer and anything in between and, while in severe cases, natural remedies may not cure illnesses; they can certainly be used to relieve the symptoms and discomfort of many ailments.


Here are five natural remedies that can be used to treat common skin problems:


1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been widely recognised as a plant with healing capabilities all over the world for many centuries.

The gel found in the flesh of the Aloe Vera plant has many healing uses when it comes into contact with skin, perhaps the most popular being its ability to take the sting out of and speed up the healing of burns. It can also be applied to bruises and cuts, and can be used to soothe stings and bites.

The plant has often been used as a moisturiser and skin softener, and can also be used as a topical pain reliever for discomfort that occurs in common skin problems. Unfortunately most modern medicines that claim to contain the plant just don’t have enough of the substance inside it to make it truly effective.


2. Arnica Flower

Arnica flower is another popular remedy for skin problems and irritations. Its most common use is for bruises and other skin traumas, which it helps to heal and limit damage.

Its other uses include pain relief (analgesic), antiseptic and anti-inflammatory creams that can be used for a number of different skin problems and ailments.The Comfrey flower has the same properties as the Arnica flower, but it must not be used on open wounds, as it is known to cause irritation.


3. Calendula Flower

When it comes to the treatments of burns, bruises, skin infections, cuts and rashes, the Calendula flower is one of the most popular natural remedies.In fact, it’s so effective that the German health authorities have approved its use for wounds that are struggling to heal and certain kinds of skin ulcers.


4. Tea Tree Oil

This eucalyptus tree is found most prominently in Australia but has been planted all over the world. The leaves of the tree were used as an antiseptic for many centuries and were, in fact, used as a disinfectant in WW1. It’s now used to treat wounds, bites, rashes and other skin problems.


5. Chamomile

Chamomile flowers have many healing properties, and it is often used in fresh or dry form to create a tea that treats mild stomach issues, and also help people to sleep.Itchy lesions, hives, sunburn, wounds, mouth ulcers and many other common skin problems can be improved by the use of Chamomile.


Natural remedies can be truly effective for the right conditions so why not give some of the above a try? You’re sure to see some improvements if you choose wisely!