Nasolabial Fold

The nasolabial folds are the two pieces of skin folds that are present at each side of the nose and run to the corners of the mouth. They are also known as ‘smile lines’ and separate the cheeks from the upper lip.

Although invisible at birth and early childhood when the face is at rest, these folds develop over time and appear more prominent with age.

How can you Improve the Nasolabial Folds?

While some people find that facial exercise works to decrease the depth of the nasolabial fold, often it is not enough and face filler may be needed.

Facts to consider when choosing whether or not to use fillers to improve the nasolabial folds include:

  • The quality of the skin
  • The depth of the fold
  • Which filler to use i.e collagen or hyaluronic acid

Although the correction of volume loss in the cheeks can help reduce these lines,often further filler is required in this area itself. Filling in the deep folds reduces the shadowing on either side of the mouth, smoothing out the entire area.

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