What is Dermal Micro Needling?

Micro needling, or dermarolling, is a cosmetic procedure performed on patient’s whereby the skin is repeatedly punctured with tiny, sterile needles. While it is mainly used to encourage the production of collagen, it may also be utilised to:

  • Treat acne or reduce the scarring caused by acne
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Remove or reduce wrinkles
  • Eliminate pigmentation spots

It is the puncturing of the dermis with microscopic needles which generates the production of the new collagen. This is because when the body experiences damage it sends a message to itself to start repairing, thus reproducing new collagen and reducing acne, pigmentation spots and wrinkles.

What to Expect During Treatment

After treatment your skin may look and feel mildly sunburned for approximately 24 hours, as well as being sore and tight. Don’t worry this is natural and all part of the procedure. It is the tiny injuries or pinches the needles make to your skin what causes the treatment to work. To help reduce soreness, redness and tightness, it is recommended to use a serum and moisturise regularly. Your skin will also begin to flake as it takes roughly a week for the new, smoother skin to become noticeable.

The Next Steps

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